Custom-Built Computers.

We custom build computers to meet your needs.

We specialize in:

  • Gaming computers that won't empty your wallet
  • Guaranteed fps in popular PC titles
  • * 30 day money back promise

Whether you are looking for a basic computer for playing Facebook games, a mid-range system for playing games like Battlefield or Call of Duty, or a top of the line beast that contains all of the latest and greatest components, we've got you covered.

** Ballpark Prices:

  • Basic "internet" PC: $150-$200 (linux)
  • Basic "internet" PC: $250-$300 (Microsoft Windows)
  • Mid-range gaming PC: $350-$550 (Microsoft Windows)
  • Monster Gaming Rig: $1,000+ (Microsoft Windows)

* Ask for details about our money back promise
** Please contact us with your specific needs for a more accurate quote